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Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.

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Sometimes all it takes is one comment, or seeing one post on social media to “tickle” your brain.  The owner of our company, Jeff Martin, might not like for people to know, but he has a soft spot a mile wide.  After seeing a post on Facebook yesterday encouraging parents to take their children to local nursing homes to Trick or Treat for Halloween, he and Kellie decided to help promote this idea to their local community that is near and dear to their hearts.


In conjunction with other local businesses in the surrounding area, we are providing unlimited Halloween candy to a nursing home in Wiggins.  We will take a dump truck load if we need to! 


Here are the specifics:

Azalea Gardens Nursing Center

530 Hall Street

Wiggins, MS

Thurs, October 31st from 3 – 5 PM


Take your children, tell your friends and PLEASE share on all of your social media platforms.  We promise – THE NURSING HOME WILL NOT RUN OUT OF CANDY. 


Just do us a favor, when you stop by the nursing homes with your children, take an extra five or ten minutes and speak to some of the residents.  Hold their hands and tell them hello, sing them a little song or tell them a story about school. Remember that you and your children could quite possibly be the only visitors they have had the entire month. 


From everyone at Jeff Martin Auctioneers, please be safe and consider this fun and rewarding activity for your families and children.  You just might be the difference that makes someone smile. Please also remember to be considerate of the residents, if you or your children are sick or have been recently, kindly choose to trick or treat elsewhere.


“Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.”