Prepare Your Equipment For Tropical Storm Nate

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With Tropical Storm Nate on his way, it is important to keep your heavy equipment and farm equipment safe. One of the most important things you can do when bad weather is on the way is to have a plan and prepare ahead of time. Whether your equipment is for personal use or your business use, it is an investment that needs to be thought of when creating your severe weather plan.

A few pointers from Jeff Martin Auctioneers on how to keep your equipment safe during potential bad weather:

  1. Come up with a plan to protect your equipment. Find a safe place to keep your equipment sheltered from the weather if at all possible. Make sure equipment is secure enough to withstand a strong storm.
  2. If you are operating as a business, notify customers and vendors if your office will be shut down.
  3. Visually inspected all equipment and take photos of equipment in current condition. Photos may be needed for insurance purposes should the storm damage your equipment. Make sure that any documentation for your equipment is securely locked away.
  4. Keep all equipment fueled and ready to use or move in a moment’s notice.
  5. Tie down and band together any equipment, tools, supplies and materials that cannot be taken indoors.
  6. Take down any booms, cranes, attachments, or arms to any equipment. Having those attachments extended during heavy winds can leave your equipment susceptible to storm damage.
  7. Have backup fuel readily available.
  8. Remove any debris from the equipment’s designated storage area.
  9. Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked.

Having a plan for your equipment before the storm will increase the chances of your equipment making is safely through the severe weather.