Maintaining Your Equipment This Summer

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Mississippi summer is right around the corner here at Jeff Martin Auctioneers!  Anyone who has spent a summer in Mississippi knows what that means:  sweltering heat, humidity out of this world, and no end in sight.  

Many of our customers are local, and their equipment is bought to be used in the heat of the summer.  Here are a few maintenance tips to help keep your equipment up to par during the hottest months of the year.

1)  Keep construction equipment out of the sun. 

If at all possible, store your equipment under a shelter.  This can make a significant impact on lowering temperatures.  Leaving equipment outside for an extended period of time can cause certain parts to be damaged.  Moving your equipment under a storage room or shed will shield it from the sun's direct heat, protecting it from heat exposure.  If building a storage shelter is not feasable for you, shielding your equipment with tarps can help reduce direct heat exposure. 

2)  Avoid using equipment during peak hours.

For working businesses, this may not be an option, as working hours demand the use of the equipment.  Peak hours are typically between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  It is during this time that the sun is most intense and the engines or radiators are more likely to overheat and/or suffer damage.  

3)  Switch to sleep mode or shut off equipment.

Moving your construction equipment to "sleep mode" or shutting it off, allows it to cool down.  While this should absolutely be done after hours, it is also a good idea to do so during the daytime hours when the equipment is not being used.  


Following these tips can help lengthen the life of your equipment, and give you more for your dollar over the lifespan of your piece.