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You’ll have that on big jobs!

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You’ll have that on big jobs!

We are not here today to cry. Scotty would not have wanted that.  We are here to laugh and reminisce about good ole Scotty.


Scotty Barger was a friend, a confidant, an employee, and a family member.  He was tenacious, forgiving and unchanging. Rigid and firm to a stranger, yet a calm, constant source of friendship to his inner circle.

Scotty was AN INDIVIDUAL -

Scotty had something that most people do not have and never achieve.  Scotty was happy from the inside out.  He lived life the way HE wanted to.  He was a true individual that cared very little about public consideration.  Scotty began each day every day with a fresh, clean shirt - full of energy – ready to face whatever challenges he confronted that day.

Scotty was LOYAL –

The passing of time, the people and work we choose to fill and share our time with, and the amount of effort exerted defines us all. He was thorough and dedicated to his job. But he was even more dedicated to his friends who were also his family.  He lived life to the fullest and completely understood that tomorrow is never promised.


You had to earn Scotty’s respect to be part of his inner circle. This was not a simple task and did not come with simply name or association.  He loved without measure, trusted without question and helped without being asked.  Scotty was and his memory will remain to be a staple in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

Scotty was TIMELESS –

He was cool, calm and collected, he handled himself with dignity and grace.
Even in the hospital post heart attack he used humor and never let the stress of life or his job get the better of him.  At the end of each day he was purely tickled to throw a steak on the grill and have a pop or two.  He loved his dogs, he loved his friends, and he loved the auction business.

At least a few of us here today can think back and remember COUNTLESS nights when we had the opportunity to go out and eat with a big crowd, be social... and that same numbered few chose to sit right on the auction yard with Scotty, in the Van Hool bus and literally solve the problems of the day or the week.


Scotty was GENEROUS –

Scotty put others first in all situations.  For a man that fathered no children he had a large coven of younger people who claimed him as their own.  He was a man that was principled (but hated a truck driver). Scotty was a quiet person to those on the outside, but larger than life to his confidants.


For a person of solitude that spent many days alone, his actions spoke volumes.   He spoke to you with his deeds; which he held deeply and appreciated the fact that his love and friendship made others happy as well.

Beyond compare, Scotty was giving of himself and anything he had.  He would literally give you the shirt off of his back or the food off of his plate, the money from his wallet and most certainly the love from his heart.

The only thing we ever heard him say to go easy on was “the chaser”.

Scotty – we have and will continue to MISS YOU -

we all understand that your existence the last few years was not how you wanted to live.  I don’t know precisely what Scotty believed or didn’t but I know that right now he is in a better place than he was a few days ago.  I know that he and my father are probably having a ribeye steak and questioning why on earth we did that auction this way or why we lined up the dozers this way or that.  It’s your time to rest old man Scotty - we will take it from here.