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Tips on Maintaining Construction Equipment

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At Jeff Martin Auctioneers, we know how much our customers value their assets. Keeping your assets well maintained is a huge component to the asset’s longevity. With Summer right around the corner, we have a few helpful tips for keeping your construction equipment well maintained for the year.


  • Find a local parts store

Just like on your personal vehicle, maintenance often goes hand in hand with replacement parts. Create a good quality relationship with your local parts store. They will be able to assist you with the best option for your equipment. Using quality replacement parts will help with the life span of your asset. If your local parts store doesn’t have what you need in stock, they can refer you to another store.


  • Listen to the pro’s

Many manufactures offer recommendations on equipment usage and maintenance schedules. To get the most value on your equipment, follow their recommendations on how often to service your equipment. Exceeding their recommendation on maintenance may cause your equipment to not perform at its highest productivity.


  • Operating Equipment: 101

Taking the time to train employees on how to properly operate your equipment will ensure the lifespan of your assets, save you many headaches and prevent damage.


  • Storing your equipment

When equipment is not in use, store in an area where changes in weather will not affect equipment. Storing your equipment in a dry area will prevent rust build up on equipment parts.


Your equipment is one of your largest investments and you should take all the proper precautions and steps to ensure the lifespan of your machine. The more effort you put into maintaining your equipment, will guarantee a large return on investment when you decide to sell it.